To recycle a device from the following Seiki, please follow the instructions below:

Mail back:

If you desire to mail your device to be recycled, please call 800-DNA-9608 (800-362-9608) to make the proper arrangements. This service is free to the consumer.

*For those consumers in Maryland who need to wipe information off the hard drive, please contact OEM Recycling Solutions at 1-800-362-9608, and  ask for Ken Jay.  The recycling is free, a free shipping label will be provided, and if requested, a free shipping container will be available.

*For those consumers in New York, please click the link below for pertinent recycling information.

*Residents in New Jersey and Michigan may arrange for the mail back or pick-up of any device brand.”

Drop off collection sites:

If you are located in one of the following States, please click on that State and you will see a list of collection locations that will accept your device during normal business hours.



New Jersey (E-Cycle:; Collection Site Locations:

New York

North Carolina


Rhode Island



Thank you for recycling.