Home Theatre Ear Buds

Frequency Response 20Hz-2200Hz

SPK Sensitivity  97dB

SPK Impedence 32 Rohm

SNR  -93dBv+A

MAX Power 20mW

Degree of Separation  -75dB 1K

Opperation Current  62.1mA @ 1KHz Sound signal, output 1mW

Sleep Current 55.4mA @ The current with standby

Power Off Current 3.6uA @ The current with power off

Low Power Detect 3.25V @ Warning with low power

Battery Capacity 220 mAH

Charging Current 200MA @ Testing on charging

Charging Time (IC Charge Current)    Approx. 4Hrs Standard Charge Time / Approx. 3Hrs Fast Charge Time

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