Pro 4K Televisions

will change the way you watch television.

Remember how excited you were the first time you saw HD? Multiply that by four and you’ll understand 4K Ultra HD from Seiki Pro. With more than 8.29 million individual pixels, Seiki Pro 4K Ultra HD picture provides stunning clarity and colors that far surpass anything you’ve seen before.

Available 39” to 65” Screen Sizes


4K Ultra HD Remastered.

Seiki Pro innovation brand is our vehicle for introducing the latest TV advancements. The second generation Seiki Pro 4K Ultra HD models are highlighted with an ultra-thin bezel design accented with black and titanium finishes, and upgraded electronics with improved 4K performance.

Over the top content.
Amazing product.

Enhance your digital entertainment experience with Seiki’s own Muse™ Streaming media. Stream your favorite movies, TV shows and music with access to channels like Netflix™, YouTube™, Vudu™, Toon Goggles™, Pandora™, and AccuWeather™ via Wi-Fi or wired Internet connection.

Upscale Your Entertainment to 4K.

With Seiki Pro 4K Ultra HD, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite shows and movies in the best resolution possible — whether it’s SD or HD, DVD or Blu-Ray. And as more and more 4K content becomes available in the near future, you’ll be one of the first to see it in its full 4K Ultra HD glory.


We Stand Behind Every Seiki.

In the unlikely event you have a problem with your Seiki TV in the first year, don’t worry, Seiki will back you up. Our comprehensive one-year replacement warranty will make sure you’re always satisfied with your Seiki.

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